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Why should small businesses in Australia be wary of cyber-attacks?


As a small business owner, one would not expect them to be a target of cyber security breaches with all the big enterprise companies around, right? 


While the most high-profile attacks affect huge corporations, hackers do not discriminate based on size. In reality, some of the most serious data breaches in the twenty-first century began with small organisations. It is easier for attackers to target small organisations as they have fewer technology safeguards in place and do not devote to cybersecurity exclusively. As a result, they are an easier target for invaders to focus than larger corporations. 

Recent study shows that two-thirds of small businesses with less than a thousand employees have been victims of cyber-attacks. These data highlight the necessity of having a robust cybersecurity plan for all businesses and how it has become a need for all businesses to consider. Further, the trend of attacking small firms is expected to continue since small businesses have become more appealing targets for many hackers than bigger corporations. Below are some reasons leading to such: 

  • Small businesses offer a wealth of information 

Contrary to popular belief, most small businesses store either financial information that might be used for identity theft or personal data that could be used for fraud. 

  • Small businesses provide gateway to large organisations 

A lot of small businesses are connected to large organisations for various reasons and, hence, share digital connectivity where they share private information. Hackers target smaller partners as a tactic to get access to giant organisations’ networks since larger corporations are theoretically (but not always) more difficult to break into. 

  • Easier to hack a small firm than a big corporation  

Small businesses have very low defence when it comes to cyber security, hence, hackers find them to be an easier target to achieve a reward as opposed to large cooperation with lower odds of a success.  

Hence, why not switch to staying safe from being vulnerable?

Book a consultation with us today and we can provide you with a complete solution to protect your small business from such exposures and attacks.  

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