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We’ve moved to the cloud, do we still need IT? Role of IT in a hybrid environment.


We all have heard every layman saying 30-40 years ago that IT is the future, in a similar fashion we can hear from all around that cloud is the future. In the modern era of technology and growing business, maintaining seamless customer service has been the top priority for all businesses ranging from shopping platforms to OTP platforms. All the customers registering their paid or unpaid accounts on any websites are expecting fast and smooth service 24×7. To fulfil their needs, each and every company has to focus on their IT resource optimisation.

Traditionally, all the businesses relied on on-premise data centres, which was the collection of huge chunks of hardware. As the customers increased the requirement and space for hardware increased proportionally.  Now the fear was, ‘What if the customer base goes down?’, ‘Do we have to dump all the expensive hardware we have once it’s outdated or not in use?’. To solve these issues Cloud Technology came into play where businesses started leasing or buying resources from third parties such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. 

About 95% of the big fish market leaders are using the cloud today. Even today, IT is essential for small and medium scale businesses that try to keep their customer base and data rollout constant. But, still, there is a 30% chance that they might face the above two concerns.  

As per the cloud implementation, their main services come into the picture SaaS, PaaS and Iaas. The usage of these three services changes from business to business and also customer to customer. For example, the business that requires software usage on their servers can use Software as a service, otherwise, it’s always the best plan to use Platform or Infrastructure as a service if they want to use their company-specific customised software. These three options have given us the specifics of what we need to implement in our It datacentre. 


As per the research done and heard from most of the IT gurus, the best approach for this type of business is to follow a hybrid approach in which they can have dedicated hosts and shared resources as well. In this way, they could minimise the risk of spending money on outdated resources by almost 20-25%. For any business, using money in the right way at the right time may lead to a competitive edge in the market.

No matter how big or small the businesses are, it is always good to stay updated with the required technologies as per the market trends. In the 20th century, we have seen how great companies like Sony, Kodak, and Nokia etc. have fallen down due to a lack of change and innovation in their approach. Currently, IT is the heart of every business so why not use it wisely to avoid a heart attack. 

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