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Modern Workspace for Tech Professionals


Modern Workspace: Work Where It Suits You

Work is no longer some place we go to, rather has become something that we do. With the recent change in the methods of how and where people work, large offices are shrinking, while collaborative work centres are expanding.

The term “modern workplace” is all the rage these days. It refers to companies that see digital cooperation, tools, and technology as the pathway to the future. A Modern Workspace is designed to satisfy the demands of both company and its employees. Mobility and working remotely would be considered the vital drivers of a modern workspace.

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Since the huge upheavals that hit the businesses worldwide in 2020, business leaders have now understood the importance of implementing sustainable IT practices. Most organisations who see the worth and benefits of the digital era and recognise that this shift will enable positive change and help them flourish in the market, as opposed to those that are resistant to change, are more likely to succeed.

When employees have to quarrel over inefficient technology, strain to engage as a result of a dispersed team, and battle with tools, they grow frustrated and productivity declines. Hence, modern workspace brings about change to eradicate this frustration by enabling harmonious collaboration and communication between employees while maintaining the security of the data even if they are at different locations.

Workplace dynamics have shifted.Now, employees put a very high value on work that satisfies them, and therefore, prefer jobs where they are able to work from any location and on any device.However, this is only feasible with the use of technology and tools that will improve their work’s productivity and efficiency. Employees become more enthusiastic and pleased to work as a consequence, increasing their chances of staying with the firm for a longer period of time.

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The key areas to consider when we think of a modern workspace is easy collaboration, mobility, security, automation, and productivity. All these factors work together to create a workplace that is safe, secure, easy to administer, and fundamentally functional for employees.

Another factor to consider bringing a right balance in the company is to design a workspace which is enjoyable and where employees are happy to work in.

If all these elements are taken into consideration and appropriate strategy is implemented, there could be a visible gain both financially and productively. Hence, many businesses have now started implementing employee-friendly solutions which has proven to bring a noticeable positive change in their working environment.

Best solution currently available in the market that has integrated it all and has taken a holistic approach to design a premium modern workspace is definitely “Microsoft”.


“Empower users to work the way they want” – Microsoft


Direct communication technologies like Microsoft Teams helps your team communicate by allowing many individuals to access, modify, and work on the same document at a time.


Microsoft Power Automate is included with Microsoft 365, making Robotic Process Automation (RPA) easy to adopt throughout your organisation. Allow your workers to focus on generating innovation instead of those tedious but necessary chores.


The resources and tools available online on the move for employees to work from any location gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere. As a result, there is more mobility at work.


Microsoft’s sophisticated security features help safeguard your data, and applications against phishing, and cyber-attacks, saving you millions of dollars in financial damages and hampering your reputation.


Microsoft is not only limited to the Microsoft apps but is also open to integrate with hundreds of other apps such as CRM tools, LinkedIn and so on.

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