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how much do it services cost IN 2022?

IT services costs can vary depending on the complexity of environments, business functions, operating requirements etc.

As a rule of thumb we strongly advise you to always obtain THREE separate estimates for your Business IT needs, we agree this can be time consuming and in some cases stressful but in the long run this will not only save you money but also the quality of service you receive from a provider.

IT Services Pricing Considerations

The most common question we get asked almost every week is the price of our offerings, we have no alternative but to honestly reply – well, it depends. Perth alone has around 100+ IT service providers and that’s being conservative, providing clients with a wide range of options to suit a variety of different budgets. The provider can be a single-person operation operating from a garage to large organisations capable of providing quality support to thousands of users.   

In order to decide on whom, you should go with comes down to the three major factors:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. What are my needs?
  3. What are the financial and legal risks of not meeting these needs?

We understand the desire to find the lowest cost solutions but that is just one part of the puzzle. All factors must be considered before deciding in critical areas such as cyber security to avoid you placing your company in danger.

For example, if your budget for IT services is $1000 per month, but your actual security requirements place you at $1500 per month, can you and your company risk being vulnerable?

It’s simple, you are either protected or you are not. Being mostly protected is similar to building the world’s strongest dam with a small portion missing. It might take longer for the water to flow through but eventually it will, and once that happens did the dam do what is was supposed to in the first place?

Managed Services

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Infrastructure Services

As of March 2022, Infrastructure Services in Australia can range from $800-$1500 per month.

Things to ask your provider:
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Break/Fix IT Services

As of March 2022, ad-hoc IT Services in Australia can range from $100-$200 per hour.

These are services that you only utilise when things go wrong. Ad-hoc services are almost always provided at a premium since the provider knows that you might never return to them again and also due to the lack of preventative maintenance and protection.

These type of services are billed by the hour and are generally on site with a call out fee attached to them. Most issues can be resolved by providers but they might not be able to recover your lost or compromised data if you are not protected.

It is often recommended to review your annual spending on IT Services and compare that to the cost of an all inclusive managed services plan. If you still feel that a break/fix is the only affordable option, ensure you've taken the necessary steps to keep your systems and hardware maintained, in-house

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Let's Do This

Just write down some details and our customer success heroes will get back to you in a jiffy!

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